The Cleo Brasher Award

The Cleo Brasher Award is given in honor of Cleo Brasher, our "Dad" and founder of Great Lakes Productions. He is a great supporter and promoter. His tireless dedication to the art form of female impersonation helped build the "Great Lakes Family" what it is today. He is an inspiration and someone that we all can turn to.

This award is given by the current reigning Miss Gay Indiana to an individual, who he feels has helped them the most during their reign. This person is a strong supporter of the art of female impersonation, and has helped Miss Gay Indiana's reign to be a success. This award is the greatest award Miss Gay Indiana can give.

In 2011, The Cleo Brasher Award was changed to The Jamie Douglas Sisterhood Award. At the same time, The Cleo Brasher Brotherhood Award was created for Mr. Gay Indiana.

  • 2012 Vanessa Ryan awarded – Thomas Hartman & Rich Guerrero
  • 2010 Cassidy Sommers-LaBouche awarded - Alex Kaiser
  • 2009 Courtney Anderson awarded - Brian Terrell
  • 2008 Ginger Ale awarded - Mama Ale and Chelsea Nichole Parker
  • 2007 Chelsea Nicole Stevens awarded - Michelle Preston & Jim Nichols
  • 2006 No Award Given
  • 2005 No Award Given
  • 2004 India Black awarded - James Randall
  • 2003 Alana Steele awarded - Bill Richards
  • 2002 Michelle Preston awarded - Bill Richards
  • 2001 Caress awarded - Cleo Brasher
  • 2000 Erika Carti'er awarded - Ken Gobin
  • 1999 Marissa Nichole awarded - The GLP Family
  • 1998 Kendra Monroe awarded - Jamie Hunter

Miss & Mr. Gay Indiana

We celebrated 45 years of pageantry by crowning the Miss Gay Indiana and Mr. Gay Indiana.