The S.O.A.F.I. Award

The Sisters of the Art of Female Impersonation is awarded to an individual who has contributed to the art of female impersonation through services rendered to the LGBTQ community either through contributions of talent, professional services or monetary contribution. We are forever grateful to those which have received this award!
  • Samantha Lynn Chilton
  • Asia LaBouche
  • LaNora Takie
  • Lori Clubs
  • June Taylor
  • Cassidy Sommers-LaBouche
  • Vivian Farris
  • Michael Strapulos
  • Coby Palmer
  • Leo Vodde
  • Tula
  • Matt Scott
  • Vicki St. James
  • Leslie Ryan
  • Derek Theriac
  • Staci Stevens
  • Cheryl Cavendish
  • James Randall
  • Kimble Richardson
  • Diana Black
  • Leana Myers
  • Cote' Rossmore
  • Jamie Douglas
  • Cleo Brasher
  • Ed Stewart

Miss & Mr. Gay Indiana

We celebrated 45 years of pageantry by crowning the Miss Gay Indiana and Mr. Gay Indiana.