An announcement by Great Lakes Productions' founder and Director, Cleo Brasher.

I have decided to retire from the pageant business. It was just taking too much energy, and time for this old man to handle anymore. Great Lakes productions had a very long run of being the best in Indiana! I have had the pleasure to celebrate a lot of victories, and reigns. What fun memories I have.

Thank you to "The Great Lakes" herself, Jennifer Lakes, for convincing me to buy the Miss Gay Indiana franchise. Thank you to Jennifer, Cote' Rossmore, Don Wagner, and Lana Eastman for their knowledge and helping with the foundation of Great Lakes Productions in the early years, because I did not have a clue! My husband, Jamie Douglas finally won Miss Gay Indiana, and we promoted together successfully for many years, winning several awards from Mr. Gay All-American and Miss Gay America. Since his passing, 9 years ago, I have leaned heavily on the kids, and sometimes piled it on heavy to a few of them. They came through! As a team, and a family, WE DID GOOD!

I'm thinking that our current title holders will be in the Gay Pride parade & festival, and they'll have a step-down night to celebrate their year. Then look for us to have some reunion shows periodically.

Cleo Brasher
MGI Emeritus
Honorary Mr. Gay America 2023

Miss and Mr. Gay Indiana
Congratulations To Our Reigning Miss & Mr. Gay Indiana!
Cherice Alexandria Samore
Cherice Alexandria Samore
2023 Miss Gay Indiana
Vincent T. Debeaute
Vincent T. Debeauté
2023 Mr. Gay Indiana

Miss & Mr. Gay Indiana

We celebrated 45 years of pageantry by crowning the Miss Gay Indiana and Mr. Gay Indiana.