Judging Categories for Miss Gay Indiana Pageants

INTERVIEW - 75 points possible per Judge

General Appearance - 0 to 10 points

Personality - 0 to 15 points

Ability to Communicate - 0 to 25 points

Answer Content - 0 to 25 points

The purpose of the Interview is to put the contestant in a situation answering different types of questions and judging how they will answer/react with one’s personal diversity. The context of the answer is important but more important is how the contestant conveys that answer. This is the judges’ opportunity to get to know you on a more personal level. Eye contact with all of the judges is very important. You are being judged on the presentation of your thoughts and how easily you communicate these thoughts with others. If you do not hear or are unsure what a judge means by a question, ask the judge to repeat or clarify this question. The contestant should be dressed as one would dress for a very important JOB Interview. Usually, trendy outfits do not appeal to the judges, just as they would not appeal to the average interviewer. The contestant’s demeanor (posture, personality, & ability to engage) should match the tone of this professional interview. The contestant will be trying to impress & appeal to different types of judges. Please be yourself do not be afraid to laugh or share personal experiences. Be honest, up-front, energetic, and please remember to smile.



EVENING GOWN - 75 points possible per Judge

Suitability for Evening Gown - 0 to 15 points

Suitability of Hairstyle - 0 to 10 points

Presentation/Modeling - 0 to 20 points

General Appearance (Make-up, Shoes, Gown Condition, Accessories) - 0 to 30 points

Evening gown will be the most elegant outfit you wear during the pageant. It should complement the contestant’s figure. It will be a statement of the contestant’s style and taste. The dress should be in perfect condition. The hem of the gown should be even unless style warrants otherwise. The gown length should be either to the top of the toe part of the shoe or approximately 2 inches above the floor. If the gown has sleeves they should be no shorter than the wrist and no longer than an inch below the wrist unless this is the style warrants otherwise. Jewelry should “complement” the over-all style and look, without being over-powering. Heels or pumps should match the gown and compliment it. Modeling should be a slow easy pace, touching all the three points that form a triangle. At each point the contestant should make a slow turn, displaying the front, back, and both sides of the entire gown for the judges. If a judge wants a closer look he/she can motion the contestant to the judges table. A contestant's modeling should be reserved yet with personality, the dress should do all of the talking. Hands may be left relaxed and below the waist, this keeps them out of your hair, and face while the description is being read. The judges will be listening to the description and noting any features. Hair should be styled appropriate for evening wear and compliment the style of the gown.



SOLO TALENT - 50 points possible per Judge

Choreography and Appearance (physical coordination, stage presence, costuming) - 0 to 15 points

Quality (Lip-sync, Live vocal, and/or Other Entertainment) - 0 to 15 points

Entertainment Value - 0 to 20 points

Solo talent showcases your ability to perform without the visual enhancements such as props or dancers. Contestants will be judged under the same guidelines as the full-length talent (see talent description) presentation as it relates to the subcategories listed above. Solo Talents will not exceed three (3) minutes 0 seconds in length. Any solo talent exceeding the three-minute limit will be scored with a zero (0). NO FIRE OR PYROTHECHNICS WHATSOEVER! No dancers or any other person will be permitted in your presentation. No props such as backdrops, furniture, or freestanding items such as a microphone stand will be allowed. Small hand held accessories such as microphones, scarves, musical instruments, puppets, batons, etc. are permitted. Costuming may be utilized in the presentations to enhance the visual effect. Costumes should relate to the presentation or theme of the talent and be in good condition. Items such as headdresses, rip-away costumes, etc. may be used but must be removed by the contestant at the end of the solo talent if removed during the talent. Solo talent presentations may not be an abbreviated version of the full length talent. You may do the same type of presentation for both talents (i.e. dance, illusion, live vocal) provided the music is not the same song. Always examine your presentation for entertainment value and appropriateness. Is it a quality that Miss Gay Indiana would perform at an appearance or preliminary?



TALENT - 150 points possible per Judge

Showmanship and Set design - 0 to 30 Points

Choreography (Physical Coordination and Stage Presence - Including Dancers) - 0 to 40 points

Quality (Lip-sync, Live Vocal, and/or Other Entertainment) - 0 to 40 points

Value (of presentation as Entertainment) - 0 to 40 points

Contestants will be judged on their quality of lip-sync, live vocal, or other entertainment. Judges will be looking to see if the Contestant knows the words to their song and finishes each word. Just knowing the words is not enough. The contestant should also look as if he/she is actually singing the song. Is it believable? If it is a live performance, is the talent of good quality? If there is choreography, the dancers should know the steps and the steps should flow. Do not attempt to do something that is beyond your talent. If you use dancers or actors in your presentation, do not let them upstage or out dance you. You are responsible for their performance. If a member of your troupe does not know his/her part, points will be deducted from your score. Quality of set design and construction will be judged. Do not put something on the stage you are not going to use or that doesn’t have a relationship to your talent. Contestants are responsible for their sets. If it falls apart or falls down on stage, points will be deducted from your score. Costuming and set design should reflect the mood you are trying to establish. Always examine your presentation for entertainment value. Does it please, cause laughter, sadness or stir some other emotion. Talent presentation will be limited to seven (7) minutes 0 seconds.

Miss & Mr. Gay Indiana

We are celebrating 45 years of pageantry by crowning the Miss Gay Indiana and Mr. Gay Indiana.