Judging Categories for Mr. Gay Indiana Pageants

INTERVIEW - 75 points possible per Judge

General Appearance (Hair, Shoes, and Accessories) - 0 to 10 points

Personality - 0 to 15 points

Ability to Communicate - 0 to 25 points

Answer Content - 0 to 25 points

Consider this an interview for an executive job. Be neat clean, and present a well-groomed look, with neatly styled hair, a fresh shave or neatly trimmed facial hair, well-manicured nails, and a bright smile. A neatly pressed or dry cleaned two piece suit in a dark or neutral color, with complimentary wrinkle-free shirt and neck tie, belt, socks and polished shoes in good condition, is always appropriate. When selecting your suit, take into consideration your hair an eye color, as well as skin tone. Sit up in the chair, with your shoulders back, and maintain an appearance of professionalism. Know what is happening in the gay community on a local and national level, and keep up to date on major issues facing the United States. Watch the news, read the papers, and be involved with your local community. Communicate your thoughts and opinions effectively; do not ramble, mumble, or pause excessively and don’t be afraid to laugh or smile when appropriate. Speak in complete sentences, watch your grammar, and maintain eye contact with the judges. If you do not hear do are unsure what a judge means by a question, ask them to repeat or to clarify their question. Do not beat around the bush. If you do not know the answer to a question, say so. Be honest, up front, energetic and smile!



CREATIVE EVENING WEAR - 50 points possible per Judge

Style and Fit – 0 to 15 points

Presentation (Modeling, Poise, Smile, etc.) - 0 to 10 points

General Appearance (Hair, Shoes, and Accessories) – 0 to 25 points

With this category we are putting a creative twist on the evening category. Think outside the box. The base of your outfit should be a suit or tux consisting of a jacket, pants, shirt & shoes. Then it should be jazzed up to be creative.

We are not looking for a themed piece or a time period piece of a costume. Examples - Theme – Pirate or gangster Time Period – Renaissance.

Items that can be used to make your evening wear creative: Examples – Rhinestones, Beads, Mirrors, Fur, Paints, Sequins, Feathers, Flowers etc… We are looking for the most creative piece you can come up with. Canes, Hats, etc… may be worn as well. You will be judged on style, creativity, fit, modeling, and accessories. Your evening wear should be suitable to be worn for a night out. As usual, your outfit should match from head to toe.



SOLO TALENT - 50 points possible per Judge

Choreography and Appearance (physical coordination, stage presence, costuming) - 0 to 15 points

Quality (Lip-sync, Live vocal, and/or Other Entertainment) - 0 to 15 points

Entertainment Value - 0 to 20 points

Solo talent showcases your ability to perform without the visual enhancements such as props or dancers. Contestants will be judged under the same guidelines as the full-length talent (see talent description) presentation as it relates to the subcategories listed above. Solo Talents will not exceed three (3) minutes, zero (0) seconds in length. Any solo talent exceeding the three-minute limit will be scored with a zero (0). NO FIRE OR PYROTHECHNICS WHATSOEVER! No dancers or any other person will be permitted in your presentation. No props such as backdrops, furniture, or freestanding items such as a microphone stand will be allowed. Small hand-held accessories such as microphones, scarves, musical instruments, puppets, batons, etc. are permitted. Costuming may be utilized in the presentations to enhance the visual effect. Costumes should relate to the presentation or theme of the talent and be in good condition. Items such as headdresses, rip-away costumes, etc. may be used but must be removed by the contestant at the end of the solo talent if removed during the talent. Solo talent presentations may not be an abbreviated version of the full length talent. You may do the same type of presentation for both talents (i.e. dance, lip-sync, live vocal) provided the music is not the same song. Always examine your presentation for entertainment value and appropriateness. Is it a quality that Mr. Gay Indiana would perform at an appearance or preliminary?



TALENT - 150 points possible per Judge

Showmanship (Set Design, Props, Overall Look) - 0 to 30 points

Choreography (Physical Coordination, and Stage Presence, including dancers) - 0 to 40 points

Quality (lip-sync, Live Vocal, etc.) - 0 to 40 points

Entertainment Value) - 0 to 40 points

Your Talent Presentation is the highest point category, so be sure it is of high quality and high entertainment value, with a mood setting to match the performance. Design and plan your movements (total body, including head, eyes, hands, feet, etc.) in coordination with your Talent Presentation. The stage is yours so use it to its full potential! Choose any props very carefully so as not to detract from or overpower your performance. Props must be in good condition and your attire should compliment your performance. Whether you dance, lip-sync, sing, play a musical instrument, or perform some other type of entertainment, be sure your performance is of the highest quality possible. Any back-up dancers or vocalists are judged as part of your act, so make certain that they are well prepared and that they do not out shine you! Be aware of the time limits, the prop requirements, and anything prohibited by the Contestant rules. Leave your audience wanting More! (Talent time limit is 5 min.) (Set up / Tear down time for props is 2 minutes).

Miss & Mr. Gay Indiana

We are celebrating 45 years of pageantry by crowning the Miss Gay Indiana and Mr. Gay Indiana.