Rules & Regulations of The Official Mr. Gay Indiana Pageants

  1. The qualities that Mr. Gay Indiana should possess are: intelligence, effective communication skills, talent, the ability to entertain, the ability to be a good administrator of the contest system, and have an energetic masculine personality.
  2. Contestants must:
    1. Be biologically male or self-identify and live as a male full time.
    2. Be twenty one years prior to the date of the contest. Proof of age must be provided to Great Lakes Productions via a valid driver’s license, state identification card, passport or birth certificate.
    3. Be a resident of Indiana for at least six months prior to the date of the contest. Proof of residency must be provided to Great Lakes Productions via a valid driver’s license, state identification card, utility bills, etc. on official agency or organization letterhead. If using proof of residency via utility bill(s), it must be presented on an official agency or organization letterhead.
  3. If a contestant identifies as a transgender male, he must either:
    1. Be prescribed testosterone by a licensed physician or advanced practice nurse. Proof of diagnosis and testosterone prescription must be provided to Great Lakes Productions on official letterhead from the prescriber or their office spokesperson, or
    2. Provide documentation from a licensed physician or advanced practice nurse that states the contestant cannot be prescribed testosterone due to a medical reasons.
  4. A contestant may not:
    1. Wear fake facial hair. It is not necessary for the contestant to have facial hair during the contest, but if he does not grow facial hair he will not be permitted to use fake facial hair.
    2. Use of cosmetic or other body enhancing procedures, implants, or silicone during the reign of Mr. Gay Indiana is prohibited, unless under the care of a licensed physician or qualified licensed clinician.

A message from the promoter: We are not wanting the contest to become a free-for-all for anyone to enter. Transgender men, who are living as men full time, and who meet the criteria listed above are welcome to enter the contest. Everything else about the contest virtually stays the same. Rule number 1 states, in part, contestants need to“have an energetic masculine personality”. We believe that ALL of our representatives; past, present, and future should be individual males who are proud of their masculinity and who has an ability to present themselves as an image and model of excellence. We feel confident that each new Mr. Gay Indiana will continue in the tradition set before him, as a symbol of pride, excellence, and progress, through determination. As with female impersonation pageants, the 1st rule is to look like a woman, Mr. Gay Indiana needs to look like a man during the contest and must continue living as man full time for the remainder of his reign. The title is still self-explanatory: Mr. Gay Indiana. Although having facial hair is not required to enter the contest, Great Lakes Productions will not allow fake facial hair to be worn by any contestant. We assume that, anyone taking testosterone for a year or more should have the ability to grow their own facial hair.

  1. The use, possession, and/or dispensing of any illegal drug will NOT be tolerated while a contestant is participating in the competition. Promoter will immediately disqualify any contestant if drug use or drug possession by the contestant is detected.
  2. Any Contestant that is not at an appointed place at an appointed time will be given administrative violation points. Punctuality is of the utmost importance. No excuses will be accepted for being late to any function.
  3. Judging will be on a total points accumulated system. Score sheets will be provided by Great Lakes Productions. Ties for winner and alternates will be broken by the asking of questions by the persons involved.
  4. Contestants will be judged in the following four categories: Interview, Creative Evening Wear, Solo Talent, and Talent.
  5. Talent Presentation will be limited to five minutes. Prop set up and take down time will be limited to two minutes. You will be timed for prop setup time and talent length. If you exceed the five minute talent time you will be given a score of ZERO for talent. If you exceed the two minute prop setup time, you will have administrative points deducted. Any type of talent presentation is acceptable except those presentations that might cause injury to the audience or others. Stripping is discouraged; a tasteful choreographed dance presentation in which some articles of costuming are removed is acceptable. The use of water, glitter, knives, or pyrotechnics is prohibited.
  6. A judge and a contestant may not be intimate in any setting during the participation in the contest, if this rule is broken both the judge and contestant will be immediately disqualified. Professional interactions only will be permitted between a judge and a contestant during the contest.
  7. Any contestant whose actions are interpreted as demeaning to the title of Mr. Gay Indiana will be disqualified. All contestants must abide by the standards of conduct for contestants and title holders, they are as follows:
    1. Mr. Gay Indiana contestants and the title holder must present themselves in a professional manner at all times, while representing their respective titles.
    2. Must never demean or speak ill of the contest system or title they represent.
    3. Must never cause problems for their promoter or those with whom they perform.
    4. Will not use and/or dispense any type of illegal drug.
    5. Should never become overly intoxicated, nor will they appear “under the influence” while representing their respective titles.
    6. Title holders should try and rectify any problems that they may have with their promoter and/or co-performers in a peaceful manner and in good fashion. Problems can be mediated through the Great Lakes Productions. All complaints must be documented in written form.
    7. Title holders cannot wear any other medallion, crown or other symbol of another contest, other than the Official Mr. Gay Indiana endorsed medallion during their reign while representing the title. Title holders for Mr. Gay Indiana will not be permitted to compete in any other contest during their reign as Mr. Gay Indiana, unless the preliminary or regional contest was won prior to Mr. Gay Indiana, to which the reigning titleholder will be permitted to compete for that systems state or national title. The promoter and Great Lakes Productions will need to be made aware of this prior to Mr. Gay Indiana.
    8. All title holders will be required to maintain a professional public appearance during their reign for the Mr. Gay Indiana Preliminaries. Professional appearance includes no nude or provocative wardrobes while performing, nude or baring photos placed on public websites for the general public, or inappropriate behavior unbecoming of a title holder.
    9. During the Mr. Gay Indiana Contest, contestants are not allowed to leave the stage once the talent category has begun. A contestant may enter the stage from the audience if necessary; however, the contestant and back up dancers will not be able to step off the stage. This may not be possible in some venues, and will be allowed at the promoter’s discretion.
  8. Any contestant caught in the act of stealing will be immediately disqualified and removed for the location of the contest. Contestants are responsible for the conduct of their dresser, and backup personnel.
  9. All contestants must report to registration at the time designated by the promoter, with your Solo Talent & Talent music for registration & rehearsal. Each venue will have their own preferences as to what format they would like the music on. MP3’s on flash drives or CD-R’s, etc.
  10. The Winner & 1st. alt. from the Official Mr. Gay Indiana preliminary contests will have had their entry fees to the Mr. Gay Indiana Contest already paid.
  11. All entry forms, information sheets, and description/questionnaire sheets must be typed and fully completed at the beginning of registration. Computer generated forms are acceptable as long as the same amount of space is used, and it’s in the same order. No additional pages. To help with administration, please print only 1 page to each sheet of paper. Do not print 2 sides. Do not laminate.
  12. Administrative Point deductions are made as a result of an infraction of these rules and regulations. They will be made in Twenty Five (25) point increments, not to exceed one hundred (100) points in total.
  13. At the end of the contest, after pictures are taken, the winner will perform again. They will be allowed to accept tips during this number. For the award ceremony you will be in evening attire, so the number should be a ballad. Feel free to have a couple of songs here.
  14. The Winner & 1st alt. must represent their preliminary contest in the state competition. Failure to do so will result in the loss of their title and all prizes and money awarded to them and entry fees paid on their behalf, and will result in the banning of the contestant from future competitions for the next year.
  15. Prop space is limited, and must fit through a standard door.
  16. Entry Fee is determined by the promoter.
  17. The winner will receive a preliminary medallion, as well as monies and other prizes as determined by the individual promoters. 1st Alternates will also be awarded prizes as determined by the promoter. The prize package for the winner of Mr. Gay Indiana include: medallion, sash, plaque, and $200 the night of the contest, $200 at their step down, $150 upon completion of a benefit (*), and $125 performance fee from each Mr. Gay Indiana preliminary. His 1st Alternate will be awarded a plaque and $100.

(*) As part of the winner’s obligations, during their reign, are required to organize a benefit for a charity of their choice.

Contact us if you have any questions!

Miss & Mr. Gay Indiana

We celebrated 45 years of pageantry by crowning the Miss Gay Indiana and Mr. Gay Indiana.